California Tree Ripe is a visionary company whose mission is to establish a new standard for the fresh fruit industry. "Certified California Tree Ripe" is our guarantee to our customers that they are receiving the highest quality, truly tree-ripened fruit available. Our commitment to the individual customer is the driving force behind every decision we make. We guarantee that our fruit is picked at the peak of maturity, locking in the maximum sweet, juicy, goodness that Mother Nature intended. Eating our fruit is like picking fruit from your own backyard.


Our family of growers are fully committed to producing the finest quality of fruit available. All of our growers, farm in accordance with the USDA's National Organic Program. Some are certified organic and some are transitional organic, working toward certification. All our growers are committed stewards of the land, protectors of the environment, and participants in the community, belonging to many service clubs and church organizations.


At California Tree Ripe our success depends on the talents, intelligence, and hard work of our dedicated staff. To ensure our guarantee, we have teamed with our growers, to pick, pack, and ship the highest quality, best tasting, organically grown fruit. The dedication, pride and constant drive toward perfection is reflected in all our packages.


The financial and emotional support of our investors has been a large key to our success. Without their support California Tree Ripe would not exist. The visionary business ethics and conduct displayed on a daily basis by our investors forms the foundation of our business plan. For all of their support, we are eternally grateful.


The children are truly our future. It is part of our vision to be active, committed participants in our community. We hope to benefit our community by educating and informing various school and community organizations on the benefits of healthy eating and environmentally sound land stewardship. In today's fast paced world, filled with fast food and on-the-go meals, we believe that good nutrition must be stressed in the schools. California Tree Ripe is committed to joining in partnerships with school districts and retailers to take nutritional education to the next level by demonstrating the wholesome goodness of sweet, tree-ripened fruit.


Our customers are the most important shareholders in our business. Without their continued ongoing faithful support, all we want to accomplish wouldn't be possible. We pledge to continue our journey toward perfection in order to meet all of our customer's expectations.


Whether customers choose to buy our fruit on-line or at one of our retail customer's markets, we are committed to total satisfaction. If your local store doesn't carry our fruit, please ask them to contact us. We invite you to check out our About Us and Where We Are sections of the website to learn more about our company. To view a complete line-up of the fruit and gift items we carry and to shop on-line, please visit our Products page. The chef of the family will not want to miss our Recipe page, full of great fruit-filled recipes. If you have a great fruit recipe that you would like to share with others, please feel free to add it to our cookbook. Our website is a constant work in progress, continually being updated with new products and information, so be sure to check back often for newly added sections. Current areas in the works are Investment Opportunities and our Kids Corner. We welcome you to contact us anytime at www.caltreeripe.com with any questions, comments, or ideas.


Our mission statement reflects the goals of many people, from our growers, staff, investors, and retailers, in short, our family. We together are committed to total customer satisfaction. The acknowledgement of our own human imperfection, our deep rooted agrarian belief system, and the thought of what is possible, is what drives us to strive for perfection. We hope to meet your expectations and eventually earn your trust. Thank you for your interest and please feel free to contact us with your comments and questions, either on-line at www.caltreeripe.com or by phone at 1-877-843-3747.



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